lqt_codec_info_s Struct Reference
[Codec registry]

Structure describing a codec. More...

#include <lqt_codecinfo.h>

Data Fields

int compatibility_flags
char * name
char * long_name
char * description
lqt_codec_type type
lqt_codec_direction direction
int num_fourccs
char ** fourccs
int num_wav_ids
int * wav_ids
int num_encoding_parameters
int num_decoding_parameters
char * module_filename
int module_index
uint32_t file_time
char * gettext_domain
char * gettext_directory
int num_encoding_colormodels
int * encoding_colormodels
int num_image_sizes
lqt_compression_id_t compression_id
struct lqt_codec_info_snext

Detailed Description

Structure describing a codec.

Field Documentation

Compatibility flags (not used right now)

Name of the codec (used internally)

More human readable name of the codec


Type (audio or video)

Direction (encode, decode or both)

Number of fourccs (Four character codes), this codec can handle

Fourccs this codec can handle

Number of M$ wav ids, this codec can handle

Wav ids, this codec can handle (for AVI only)

Number of encoding parameters

Encoding parameters

Number of decoding parameters

Decoding parameters

Filename of the module

Index inside the module

File modification time of the module

First argument to bindtextdomain()

Second argument to bindtextdomain()

Number of supported encoding colormodels (since 1.1.2)

Supported encoding colormodels (since 1.1.2)

Number of supported image sizes (since 1.2.0)

Image sizes (since 1.2.0)

lqt_compression_id_t lqt_codec_info_s::compression_id

Supported compression ID

For chaining (used internally only)

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