lqt_parameter_info_t Struct Reference
[Structures describing codec parameters]

Structure describing a parameter. More...

#include <lqt_codecinfo.h>

Data Fields

char * name
char * real_name
lqt_parameter_type_t type
lqt_parameter_value_t val_default
lqt_parameter_value_t val_min
lqt_parameter_value_t val_max
int num_digits
int num_stringlist_options
char ** stringlist_options
char ** stringlist_labels
char * help_string

Detailed Description

Structure describing a parameter.

This completely describes a parameter. Bool parameters will have the type LQT_PARAMETER_INT , val_min = 0 and val_max = 1.

Field Documentation

Parameter name to be passed to on of the parameter setting functions

More human readable name for configuration dialogs


Default value

Minimum value for integer or float parameter

Maximum value for integer or float parameter

Number of digits for floating point parameters

Number of options for LQT_PARAMETER_STRINGLIST

Detailed help about the parameter

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