29. Mar 2012: libquicktime-1.2.4 released

This release brings:

05. Jul 2011: libquicktime-1.2.3 released

This fixes compilation with newer versions of gtk, ffmpeg and x264. Some contributed patches were applied as well.

08. Jan 2011: libquicktime-1.2.2 released

This fixes compilation errors with newer gtk versions and a crash in the plugin registry.

03. Dec 2010: libquicktime-1.2.1 released

This fixes compilation errors with newer x264 versions.

02. Dec 2010: libquicktime-1.2.0 released

This brings reading and writing of compressed packets for lots of codecs. In addition lots of internals got cleaned up and several enhancements and fixes from the community got checked in.

23. Feb 2010: libquicktime-1.1.5 released

This release brings encoding of AC3 and H.264 in AVI and some minor fixes.

07. Jan 2010: libquicktime-1.1.4 released

This release restores avi decoding (was broken in 1.1.3) and adds support for newer versions of ffmpeg and x264. Several other contributed fixes were added as well.

13. Jul 2009: libquicktime-1.1.3 released

This fixes a crash in the v308 codec, which slipped in during the work for 1.1.2.

17. Jun 2009: libquicktime-1.1.2 released

17. Dec 2008: libquicktime-1.1.1 released

Several bugfixes and cleanups

09. Nov 2008: libquicktime-1.1.0 released

This release brings read/write support for timecode tracks, support for newer versions of ffmpeg and x264 and several contributed fixes.

14. Jul 2008: libquicktime-1.0.3 released

08. Feb 2008: D language bindings available

For those, who want to be one character ahead in the alphabet. Get them here.

08. Jan 2008: libquicktime-1.0.2 released

14. October 2007: libquicktime-1.0.1 released

Some more colormodel conversions, decoding support for progressive MJPEG-A and several contributed bugfixes.

17. April 2007: libquicktime-1.0.0 released

Finally we made 1.0.0 happen. Libquicktime can now be considered finished with respect to core functionalities. Future versions will mostly contain more codecs and bugfixes.

New in this release:

26. August 2006: libquicktime-0.9.10 released

This is a bugfix release, no new features were added.

29. June 2006: libquicktime-0.9.9 released 27. January 2006: libquicktime-0.9.8 released
This release brings lots of internal cleanups, Doxygen-documentation and some new codecs. Many thanks to all contributors. 26. May 2005: libquicktime-0.9.7 released
Another bugfix iteration. This time featuring: 21. May 2005: libquicktime-0.9.6 released
Another bugfix iteration. This time featuring:
  • 15. May 2005: libquicktime-0.9.5 released
    This is mostly a bugfix release, no major new features were added Thanks to all people who reported problems and suggested fixes. 12. Jan 2005: libquicktime-0.9.4 released
  • 19. July 2004: libquicktime-0.9.3 released
  • 20. June 2004: New website online
    New releases can also be expected soon.