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Text related definitions and functions.

Libquicktime supports reading and writing of text tracks from/to Quicktime and mp4 files. Text tracks contain samples, which are simple text strings. Libquicktime tries to handle character set issues internally, all string you pass to/from libquicktime can assumed to be UTF-8.

A text track can either be used for subtitles (which is the default), or for chapters. In the latter case, each text sample denotes the title of the chapter, the corresponding timestamp is the start time of the chapter.

For subtitles, there is only a start time defined for each sample, not the duration, after which the subtitle will be hidden. To make subtitles disappear at a specified time, insert an empty subtitle with the right timestamp.

What's not supported are text attributes, font selection etc. Feel free to make a proposal how to support these things.

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